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    How does the Compensation plan work?


    The way that the Tiens Compensation Plan is calculated is based on "Business Value" or BV. One BV is equivalent to $1USD.

    As you progress through the ranks as an Independent Consultant, your compensation for sales volume will be calculated based on this formula.




    The first steps


    All you have to do to join Tiens as an Independent Consultant is to purchase your Business Starter Kit for the minimal cost of $60 < may vary depending on the country >. That's it! You're now a fully fledged member of the Tiens family.


    This purchase makes you a 1-star Independent Consultant with a life membership. This first step also entitles you to be able to purchase product at wholesale prices.


    To begin to receive a rebate from your own purchases and bonuses from those you have introduced to Tiens, you can purchase product for yourself at a minimum 75BV in any one month and you're on your way. You are now a 2-star Consultant.


    Your personal purchases accumulate until you reach 300BV. At this point you become a 3-star consultant you begin to receive a personal rebate of 20% on your own purchases and a Direct Bonus on the purchases of your personally sponsored frontline.


    This 3-star ranking also entitles you to begin sharing in the Autoship bonus system. As your sales volume increases, so does your ranking, your bonus levels and the type of bonuses available.


    You don't need to introduce a whole army of people to become successful in this business, just a few who are committed to be successful like you.


    The overview on the next few pages demonstrates very clearly just how powerful the Tiens Compensation Plan is. You will quickly realize the enormous potential for you to earn income quickly and be rewarded for doing so at the same time. You have the potential t